Branching Simulation

Learners need a way to practice making critical communication decisions with expert feedback, at no risk to the business. 

Bard Learning’s Branching Simulations are interactive videos where learner’s immerse themselves in a conversation and make decisions on how to proceed. Immediate consequences and feedback facilitates rapid learning and behavioural change.

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Decision Paths

Your learners make their own choices to steer the action and explore various decision paths towards an outcome.

Reaction Sequence

Every decision they make provokes an immediate reaction sequence, exposing them to unique consequences & feedback.


Our commitment to realism is felt in every element of the experience so your learners confront a believable, & pitch-perfect representation of your company's people, and culture.


Learners build soft skills by improving their critical decision making


Because your Branching Simulation unfolds as a consequence of your learners own choices, the feedback they receive has maximum impact on their behaviour.


Adaptable to micro, and just-in-time learning strategies, your people can access your Simulation on-demand, from any location, so you’re building capability at speed & at scale.

Bard Learning's Branching Simulations are interactive video suites targeted at building your talent’s capability in the conversations that matter most to your business. 

Our team of learning professionals, writers, directors & actors capture the authentic sound & lingo of your culture so your learners can practice a realistic conversation & examine the realistic consequences of their decisions. 

Perfect for just in time & self paced learning, now you can make conversation practice available to your entire global talent pool immediately and forever.

Adaptable to any model, process or training need

Your preferred training model for your focus conversation is supported & forms the core of your Branching Simulation.

Repeatable soft skill practice that replaces many workshops worth of learning

You save money & your learners spend their time on the practical application of essential skills.

Your own Branding

Your logo, your uniforms, your look & feel.

SCORM compliant

Your Simulation will be accessible via your LMS and enjoys all functionality that SCORM provides.

All the benefits of experiential role play with none of the embarrassment

Learners who would otherwise miss out on the learning benefits of instructional role play can enjoy the activity in their own time.

Developed by professional actors & directors with over 40 years experience in the entertainment industry

Emotionally involved learners stay engaged in the simulation longer & experience faster behavioural change.


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