Glenn Quinn

Creative Director

Personal Biography

A co-founder of Bard Learning, Glenn’s background in sales, management and performance, was a perfect cultural fit for the vision of Bard Learning. After successful careers in theatre, sales operations management and, later, as an executive coach, he became passionate about applying acting methodology to the challenges of the corporate training space to develop innovative learning methodologies.

As a sales trainer, Glenn saw that most people struggle with turning a script into believable messages that connect with prospects. Here he drew from a strong acting background to train people to build self-trust and communicate authentically. He was able to apply the same methodology working in learning and development in the corporate space, assisting presenters and leaders. 

Glenn is proud of Bard Learning’s commitment experiential learning. He favours a down to earth, honest approach that seeks the truth, and he firmly believes in people centric leadership. With a strong focus on innovation, Glenn looks forward to building creative learning solutions for Bard’s clients and contributing as a thought leader to the future of talent development. 


  • Research & development
  • Creative design lead
  • Stakeholder engagement 
  • Business development
  • Project planning 
  • Instructional design