Key Feedback Skills

Only 8% of companies believe their performance management process is highly effective in driving business value.*
Let’s begin by encouraging leaders to forget old ideas about feedback, then we’ll discern when to use it, and how to give feedback that makes a lasting impact.

When To Give Feedback

Emphasising Impacts

Many leaders are unclear on the exact function & distinguishing traits of a Feedback Conversation & this leads them to initiating an unsuitable conversation in a given situation. This can be like using the wrong tool for the job - like using a hammer to paint a wall. Clearly defining the function & characteristics of a Feedback Conversation is an important step toward knowing when to use Feedback & when to opt for a different Leadership Conversation.
If you have ever given someone feedback that they haven’t taken seriously or they fail to take on board, there’s a good chance they are not clear on the impacts of their behaviour or conduct. Taking the time to explain the effect of specific behaviour on others, assists to raise awareness and increase appetite to action changes



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