Leadership Communication

In 2021 a leader’s ability to have the conversations that matter most to the business will dictate the future of that business.
Poor communication isn’t a skill gap anymore, its a risk.

Our 2019 AITD Nominated Leadership Communication workshops are among Australia's leading experiential learning programs.

hear, and be heard

  • Leaders increase their influence & learn to build trust when they learn to manage poor conduct & poor performance with clear & accountable crucial conversations.
  • With solid & reliable coaching skills, leaders improve retention & engagement by assisting their team members to generate their own solutions.
  • Increase accountability & capability uplift with simple & effective feedback conversations that reinforce desired behaviour & effectively alter undesired behaviour.
Leading Communication

at a glance

1.Ideal For:

  • Frontline leaders
  • Middle managers
  • Senior leaders

2.High Level Overview

  • Accountability & challenging conversations
  • Advanced listening & questioning skills
  • Strategic voice & body language techniques
  • Always-effective Preparation & Reflection tools
  • Feedback conversation frameworks & skills practice
  • Coaching frameworks & skills practice
  • Crucial conversations frameworks & sills practice
  • Guided RealPlay & reflection

3.Delivery Mode

  • Full Service Program: Develop your talent’s leadership communication skills at scale across multiple teams
  • Integrated Support Module: Feature this workshop as
  • Targeted Workshops: Address this specific skill gap across your organisation in multiple, standalone short programs specialised part of your existing internal programs