Key Coaching Skills

We consider the core coaching skill set to be at the heart of the future leader. Solving problems for our people is not feasible in the times of flux ahead. Using the right tool at the right time is critical, and then, you’ll need to ask considered questions that send your people searching for their own solutions.

When To Coach

Open Questions

Many leaders are unclear on the exact function & distinguishing traits of a Coaching Conversation & this leads them to initiating an unsuitable conversation in a given situation. This can be like using the wrong tool for the job - like using a hammer to paint a wall. Clearly defining the function & characteristics of a Coaching Conversation is an important step toward knowing when to use coaching & when to opt for a different Leadership Conversation.

Ever finished up a conversation with a team member by clearly expressing what you expect of them, only to find, a week or so later, they didn’t follow through on what was agreed? Ever had a difficult conversation with someone and, even though they nodded & said yes a lot their behaviour didn't really change at all?



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