Key Crucial Conversation Skills

Challenging conversations don’t have to be all about conflict & you don’t have to avoid them just because they’re challenging.

First let’s look at selecting the right time to have a Crucial Conversation, then how to begin your conversation in a way that sets both parties up for success.

When To Use Crucial Conversation

How To Begin

Many leaders are unclear on the exact function & distinguishing traits of a Crucial Conversation & this leads them to initiating an unsuitable conversation in a given situation. This can be like using the wrong tool for the job - like using a hammer to paint a wall. Clearly defining the function & characteristics of a Crucial Conversation is an important step toward knowing when to use Crucial Conversation & when to opt for a different Leadership Conversation.
When the stakes are high, starting a crucial conversation poorly can lead to immediate defensiveness, evasion or an unclear focus for the discussion. Framing the issue you want to discuss and defining what aspect of the problem you want to focus on, sets clear expectations and outcomes.



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