Presentation Skills 2021

It has never been more important to engage an audience. Every year poor presentations to boards, SLT’s, clients & prospects cost companies millions in missed opportunities, unclear strategies, and exposure to risk. 

Our highly sort after Presentation Skills Programs are built on the leading techniques from the theatre, television & film industries. Our facilitators all share our unique passion for highly active, immersive & entertaining learning.

Presence is fulfilling the needs of your audience

In keeping with our Learning Philosophy, Bard Learning takes an immersive, coaching-based approach, and builds one-to-many communication skills on a behavioural level. 

Our facilitators have rich & varied experience as coaches, facilitators & actors and are trained to create a safe & fun environment where your learners can develop their own style of presenting by working on their individual gaps at speed.  

Your learners are coached on their own real-world presentations so they can make changes in the field the next chance they get.

Presentation Skills

at a glance

1.Ideal For:

  • Subject matter experts
  • Business development teams
  • Leaders of all levels
  • Individual contributors

2.High Level Overview

  • Maintaining audience engagement virtually
  • Managing your nerves
  • Defining & Maintaining stage presence

  • Hollywood storytelling in your presentation
  • Changing the game with the 7KV

  • Managing an audience’s perception of you

  • Opening with impact, closing with certainty

  • Structuring your presentation for impact
  • Making decisions on content and slides 

  • Understanding body language & voice

  • Sharing the stage with slides

  • Audience Q&A

  • One-on-one coaching

3.Delivery Mode

  • Full Service Program: Develop your talent’s one-to-many communication skills at scale across multiple teams
  • Integrated Support Module: Feature this workshop as specialised part of your existing internal programs
  • Targeted Workshops: Address this specific skill gap across your organisation in multiple, standalone short programs