Digital Content Training

Now more than ever companies need to engage their customers, members & prospects with polished & punchy content that is useful & entertaining like podcasts, vlogs, webinars & edutainment. But who’s going in front of the camera?

If your experts lack camera confidence, struggle to articular ideas or ramble, don’t rule out a digital content strategy for your business.

Drawing on our powerful proprietary techniques, Bard Learning can turn your subject matter experts into the voices of your company and get your audience liking sharing & subscribing.

Your new voice

We offer our clients a consistent consultation journey aimed at establishing foundational skill that can then be applied to any kind of digital content.

Each digital content consultation focuses on teaching and practicing a specific foundational skill, & applying that skill directly to development of a piece of planned content.

Your people learn how to ‘pass the conversation around’, keeping it engaging & interesting for your target audience, without the need for a script.

This keeps your audience educated & informed as your content leads to a clear call to action.

We collaborate with your experts & marketing department to build your production process so that your team can create content in a fast & reliable way that suits your content strategy.

Digital Content Training


1.Ideal For:

  • Subject matter experts

  • Senior, but silent experts
  • Leaders of all levels
  • Individual contributors

1.High Level Overview

  • Project vision and quality benchmark
  • Foundational production skills
  • Working with the camera as your audience
  • Presentation mindset
  • Content structure
  • Unscripted talking: Talking to dot points
  • Team talking: holding an engaging conversation
  • Succinctness
  • Verbs: the essence of presence
  • Vocal technique
  • Body language
  • Managing audience perception
  • Using storytelling for engagement
  • Content selection & persuasive structure

2.Delivery Mode

  • Full Service Program: Develop your talent’s Digital Content Delivery Skills at scale across multiple teams
  • Integrated Support Module: Feature this workshop as specialised part of your existing internal programs
  • Targeted Program: Address this specific skill gap across your organisation as standalone short programs