New & Emerging Leaders

The first few months in a leadership role are the most critical part of our development journey.
But it’s in this critical time that
new leaders are often left to figure it out for themselves.
And it’s a company’s succession pipeline that suffers.

In this foundational program, each module builds on the last, accumulating skill in a cycle of acquisition and application.

at The Critical moment

Our facilitators create a safe & fun environment where your learners can develop their own leadership style, work on their individual gaps and build self-trust.

Our approach combines a behavioural focus with skills development, giving your learners opportunities to reflect on their strengths and development areas, tools to assist rapid growth and practice activities to apply learnings.

New & Emerging Leaders

At a glance

1.Ideal For:

  • New and emerging team leaders transitioning into management roles, or are about to step up.

2.High Level Overview

  • Key leadership definitions, behaviours and expectations
  • Self-assessment of behavioural strengths and gaps
  • Shifts in focus and behaviours
  • Taking ownership for decisions and actions
  • Understanding foundational leadership communication
  • Adapt communication style to ensure clarity and build engagement
  • Practice skills to be able to communicate with people more effectively
  • Understand performance conversations and the performance cycle
  • Tools to set and support expectations with follow up feedback, and critical conversations
  • Engage team members with correct conversation for the situation
  • Gain a clear understanding of development planning for yourself and your people
  • Introduction to coaching with assisted, focused skill practice

3.Delivery Mode

  • Full Service Program: Develop your talent’s Digital Content Delivery Skills at scale across multiple teams
  • Integrated Support Module: Feature this workshop as specialised part of your existing internal programs
  • Targeted Workshops: Address this specific skill gap across your organisation in multiple, standalone short programs