Leading Through Change

As the working landscape rapidly evolves, leadership talent needs support to guide their people, and businesses through change. Extraordinary change requires future skills.

Our Leading Through Change program provides guided capability uplift for your leadership talent so they can maintain & improve engagement, collaboration & wellbeing when it matters most.

The only constant

Our Leading Through Change program is built from the Bard Learning methodology. We lead with real-play & coaching to work through the real, current challenges of your learners providing the perfect opportunity to practice key change conversations & messaging.

Leading Through Change

at a glance

Ideal For:

  • Frontline leaders
  • Middle managers
  • Senior leaders

2.High Level Overview

  • Change vs Uncertainty
  • The changing work environment
  • Mapping & navigating change
  • Your zones of control
  • Leadership behaviours for change
  • Supporting your team to adapt
  • Navigating change with coaching
  • Critical communication skills
  • Team motivation, collaboration and cohesion

3.Delivery Mode

  • Full Service Program: Develop your talent’s change capacity at scale across multiple teams
  • Integrated Support Module: Feature this workshop as specialised part of your existing internal programs
  • Targeted Workshops: Address this specific skill gap across your organisation in multiple, standalone short programs